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Constellations Guardian Crystals of the Year 2024 – Scorpio

Scorpios should release the past to embrace transformation and rebirth in 2024. Embracing guardian stones like Ruby and Amethyst can bring positive change. Ruby enhances determination and protection, while Amethyst aids in emotional balance and intuitive decision-making. Select stones intuitively for personal growth and balance.

SCORPIO 10/24 ~ 11/21

Leave the past behind and move towards the future.

Scorpio will start to change from the root foundation in 2024.

What you really value in your life may change. By releasing the negative past, you can transform and be reborn.

In addition, Scorpio may also experience changes in the new year because of In this article, we will share two guardian stones that can bring good luck to Scorpio in 2024:

Ruby ​​and Amethyst.


Known as the “King of Gemstones,” exudes a bright red color that is reminiscent of the passion and power of Scorpio. Ruby is believed to inspire love and passion, and bring courage and determination to the wearer. This is especially important for Scorpios, as they are known for their determination and calmness.

Ruby also has balancing and protective energies, helping Scorpios remain stable in the face of challenges and stress. It activates and balances the root chakra energy, making Scorpios more determined and grounded. In addition, ruby ​​is also considered a guardian stone against negative energies and the evil eye, providing Scorpios with extra protection and support.

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It is a common and popular guardian stone that is widely used to balance and purify the mind and body. Scorpios are often thoughtful, and amethyst can help them relax, relieve stress, clear negative emotions, and better understand their inner world and the feelings of others. It can also improve Scorpio’s intuition and insight, helping them to be more wise and rational in their decision-making.

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Choosing the right guardian stone for you is a personal process, so follow your intuition and feelings to choose the best stone. Whether you wear them or establish a spiritual connection with them, guardian stones can be powerful assistants in your daily life, helping you gain more balance and strength as you grow and explore.


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