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Constellations Guardian Crystals of the Year 2024 – Virgo

Virgo friends may find luck and balance with Blue Sapphire and Malachite, stones that align with Virgo's qualities. Blue Sapphire enhances calm, communication, and decision-making, complementing Virgo's analytical nature. Malachite offers vitality, self-acceptance, and protection from negative energies. Amazonite also supports Virgo by fostering practicality and stress relief, enhancing problem-solving and emotional balance.

VIRGO 8/23 ~ 9/22

Dear Virgo friends, are you looking to infuse more luck and balance into your life?

We will explore two powerful crystals that resonate with the energy of Virgo:

Blue Sapphire and Malachite.

Let’s delve into how these beautiful gemstones can help enhance Virgo’s energy, balance emotions, and open up more opportunities for luck.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a highly revered gemstone that aligns well with the traits of Virgo. It radiates calm, wisdom, and balanced energy, which complements Virgo’s pursuit of perfection, analytical prowess, and logical thinking. This gemstone helps Virgos maintain a cool, clear mind and avoid excessive worry and anxiety. It also aids in enhancing intuition and insight, enabling Virgos to make wiser and more decisive choices. Blue Sapphire is also believed to be a stone of communication and self-expression, which holds great value for sometimes introverted Virgos.


Another powerful crystal associated with Virgo is Malachite. It emanates vitality, joy, and balanced energy, positively influencing Virgo’s emotions and inner serenity. Virgos often hold themselves to high standards, and Malachite can help them relax, accept themselves, and their surroundings. This crystal also assists Virgos in cultivating self-confidence and embracing their uniqueness. Malachite is also considered an energy protection stone, helping Virgos ward off negative energies while providing stability and a sense of security.

In addition to the above two gemstones, Amazonite is also a lucky stone for Virgo babies.

Amazonite and Virgo’s Fortune

Amazonite is intimately connected to their traits and characteristics. Virgos are known for their intelligence, practicality, and meticulous nature, and Amazonite is believed to amplify these qualities. It acts as a calming and rationalizing stone, assisting Virgos in problem-solving and making wise decisions.

Moreover, Amazonite is believed to balance Virgo’s emotions, helping them release stress and anxiety. Virgos often tend to overthink and worry, and the energy of Amazonite aids in alleviating these pressures, allowing them to approach life’s challenges with greater ease and tranquility.

Blue Sapphire and Malachite are two powerful crystals associated with Virgo that can help enhance energy, balance emotions, and attract more opportunities for luck. Blue Sapphire’s calm, wisdom, and communication abilities aid Virgos in maintaining clarity of thought, while Malachite’s vitality and balanced energy help them relax and embrace their uniqueness. These crystals can be used by wearing them as jewelry, placing them in living spaces, or incorporating them into meditation and energy therapy. Regardless of the chosen method, it is important to establish a connection with the crystals and believe in their power. Let Blue Sapphire and Malachite become your lucky companions, bringing you more balance, joy, and luck in life!

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